Christian Clark – Current Team Member, Manager

Words cannot describe the experience at STC. I originally started simply looking for sales experience so that I could find a pharmaceutical sales position as they all required sales experience. After about two months, what I thought was simply a stepping stone had become a means to an end. The company offers a lot of opportunity to those who seek it. Everything is based around merit, exactly what I put in is what I have gotten out. There is a lot of growth opportunity within the company and as long as you come in with a good attitude and ready to work hard, you will find success.

I have never worked for an employer that has shown as much care to each individual employee as the owner has to all of our team. On numerous occasions have I been brought out to dinners, gone to team events and experience new things, and have always felt comfortable being able to discuss personal issues and get help with things that before I could not have.

Highly recommend STC Direct as a great place to work!


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