Saul Lopez – Current Team Member, Assistant Manager

When I first started with STC Direct I was skeptical. I didn’t know if face-to-face marketing & sales was a good fit for me or how successful I would be leading a team. Mostly, I lacked confidence in my ability to do something I wasn’t familiar with. I gave it a try though and can say that it was honestly a great opportunity and one I’m glad I took. I went back to grad school recently but the skillsets I learned are now things I use on a daily basis. The ability to communicate with conviction and oversee multiple personalities in a team are lifelong skills I’m glad I acquired through the company’s Management Program.

Christian Clark – Current Team Member, Manager

Words cannot describe the experience at STC. I originally started simply looking for sales experience so that I could find a pharmaceutical sales position as they all required sales experience. After about two months, what I thought was simply a stepping stone had become a means to an end. The company offers a lot of opportunity to those who seek it. Everything is based around merit, exactly what I put in is what I have gotten out. There is a lot of growth opportunity within the company and as long as you come in with a good attitude and ready to work hard, you will find success.

I have never worked for an employer that has shown as much care to each individual employee as the owner has to all of our team. On numerous occasions have I been brought out to dinners, gone to team events and experience new things, and have always felt comfortable being able to discuss personal issues and get help with things that before I could not have.

Highly recommend STC Direct as a great place to work!

Emma Hand – Current Team Member, Manager

As a recent college grad, I wasn’t sure what to look for when interviewing with companies. Interviewing with STC direct wasn’t stressful and the CEO and managers explained everything I needed to know about the position and the company. I was offered a position, and have been working there ever since. My experience with STC direct has been awesome. We do fun things together in the team like atmosphere that makes up the culture at STC direct. The people I work with really push me to be the best version of myself that I can be, and that’s what keeps me coming back everyday. The growth of this company is also unparalleled- you can’t get a much better deal than this. If you’re willing to work hard now so you can play later- this is a company for you. The CEO is sports minded and a hard worker who is very serious about the growth and well being of his company. He wants to see you improve and will push you and help you get there.